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︎︎︎Design, concept and production



October 2023


In process


Montpellier (FR)




Pictures by Heim+Viladrich

“Vase_Nom” is a research project selected in the first phase of the Commission Artistique “Créer un Vase” from the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP) among 20 other projects.
“Vase_Nom” is a project developed in dialogue with the industry that produces it - turning, galvanization, thermoforming, digital shaping – the project questions how industrial resources and techniques can influence the design of the object and embody a new symbolic identity. Contrary to anonymous craftsmanship in service of an artistic or cultural vision, Vase_Nom will thus be an ode to the industry, with its production process and the people involved at its core.

Footages from Proteor, prosthesis production, Seurre, Bourgogne (FR) and Sabot Industry, galvanisation process, Béziers, Occitanie (FR)